For my swap partner!

Wedding Day!

At X-Fest 2006

We.., since I am new to craftster, I wanted a place for my swap partner to be able to do a little digging into the world of me.
So... here goes!
My name is Stephanee.
I live and work in Indiana.
Married on October 8, 2005 in Gatlinburg, TN (It was beautiful!)
Kids- 4 2 cats (Hooper and Crash) , a dog (Carly) and a brand new puppy! (actually at the time we still have all 11 puppies, but we are only keeping one-Roscoe!)
Since my job is so "average" I often aspire to do great things. My newest adventure is starting a small business. At the moment I hope to sell mostly to people my age (22) here at home. I hope to bring a small bit of style and attitude to this small town!

My personal style- Is usually a bit conservative! When I am not at work you will usually catch me in jeans and either a sweater or a comfy jersey top that I have made. Almost everthing that I have made for myself is 3/4 length sleeves and a hood ( I know, I know... I don't think out of the box) In the summer I usually wear khaki skirts and tank tops. Being this age, we are stuck between cutesy stuff and granny stuff. I am trying for a 20-something responsible (but still very fun!) look. For work I wear black dress pants, pencil skirts and a cardigan. I LOVE pencil skirts!

Trends- I am determined to bring leg warmers to Indiana! Yeah, that's right... no one here wears leg warmers... well, I don't either, but that's just because I can't knit and no one sells them. (so, if you are a knitter... this is an idea). I also love t-shirts (who doesnt!). My favorite t's have pictures of cars (I am the biggest gearhead wanna be!) and 80's style screen prints (usually of cars!) (So, if you can screen print or stencil this is an idea!)

My favorites-
Colors Blue (Navy) Black and Pink (used sparingly!)
Music Rock! I love Godsmack, Rob Zombie, Nickelback, Buckcherry, Audioslave
Cars Camaros!
Accessories I love purses. I really love purses that are different that no one around here has and that showcase things I love. I also love cuffs, my favorite are the cuffs made from records!
Outfit to wear My "destroyed" jeans from Aeropostle, black flip flops from Old Navy, one of my "vintage" 80's styled screen printed t's, funky belt, funky purse and funky cuffs.

Things I would like to receive from a swap- Funky belts, Funky purses, funky cuffs, t shirts (fitted size small or juniors medium) screen printed or stenciled with 80's style (cars, bands, sayings), pencil skirts (I can wear black to work, but I really would enjoy any and all pencil skirts.) I do like other skirts... mostly of the style that I can wear with my t shirts this summer.
Contrary to what this entire post says I love sexy tops too! I love pin up sytle halters and strapless tops for going out.

Things I can offer in a swap- Anything (almost) sewing related. I love to make purses, belts, shirts, skirts. I also have a killer pattern for a messanger bag. I also like to make ATCs and greeting cards.

Okay- So, I think that is all! =)